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Nov 06 2016

About us

Nepalgunuj Community learning center (NCLC) as the local educational institutions outside the formal structure, can create various learning options and opportunities. The purpose of the CLC is to promote human development by providing opportunities for lifelong learning to all people in the local community. NCLC focused on literacy and continuing education in support of Education for All (EFA). The activities organized by CLCs cover a wide range of community-based development programmes in health, agriculture, education and entrepreneurial skills for out-of-school children, youth, women, the under-privileged and the rural poor.
The CLC is an important modality for socio-economic development through non formal education and adult learning in Nepalgunj. Illiteracy and promoting non formal education for children are serve as places for obtaining appropriate information for lifelong learning to improve people’s quality of life by promotion of income-generating activities in community learning center.

The various CLC activities for development of the community people fall into the following areas: 
  • Functional literacy and continuing education: 
  • Skill development and human resource development: 
  • Community development services: exchange of ideas; 
  • Awareness and cultural development: 

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