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The various CLC activities for development of the community people fall into the following areas:
  1. Functional literacy and continuing education:
  2. Skill development and human resource development:
  3. Community development services: exchange of ideas;
  4. Awareness and cultural development: 
CLC Linkages and Networking
The linkage activities of CLCs are useful in many aspects, such as training in income-generating activities and the registration of CLC members also important are savings and/or loans/micro-credit programmes of other agencies/organizations, the marketing of products/services of CLC members, and the access of CLC members to the extension and social welfare services of various government departments. CLC members are associated, as members or in other ways, with other local organizations. According to some estimates, center need to links with micro-credit agencies.

The following are the major benefits from CLC activities:
CLCs have significant impacts on the lives of the target beneficiary people: 
  • There is an increase in community awareness about the importance of education, primary health care, sanitation, environmental conservation, civic rights and participation in community activities. 
  • There is a re-orientation of the mind set to self-employment in income-generating activities. 
  • Poor people, especially disadvantaged women, are empowered to acquire more confidence in decision making. 
  • There is an increase in incomes and improvement of the quality of life through newly acquired training and livelihood skills. 
CLCs Provide Literacy Services 
CLC literacy programmes help in retaining and upgrading neo-literate literacy skills and in improving their lifestyles. Although achievements in reading, writing and normal accounting skills intended results.
Attained literacy/education
Male Female Total
ward no. 1 Dhambojhi, - 22 22  
ward no. 1 Pragati tole - 20 20  
ward no. 1 Chandanath Tote - 20 20  
ward no. 1 Madarsa Road - 20 20  
ward no. 2 Gharbari Tole - 20 20  
ward no. 7 Gagangunj - 20 20  
ward no. 10, Chaulika - 20 20  
ward no. 10, Adarshnagar 6 14 20  
ward no. 10, Gosaigaun - 20 20  
ward no. 12 Belashpur - 20 20  
ward no. 12 Belashpur - 20 20  
  6   222  
ward no. 14 Bulbuliya 5 20 25  
ward no. 14 Bulbuliya - 25 25  
ward no. 1 Dhambojhi - 25 25  
ward no. 1 Dhambojhi - 25 25  
Total 11 309 320  

Nepalgunj community learning center has launched several important programmes coordination with district education office supported by Non formal education centers. 

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